September 30th, 2006


New Doctor Who, Part Two, Electric Boogaloo?

Most of the time, watching TV is a passive experience for me. There are only two shows that give me actual visceral reactions while I'm watching them -- gasping, "oh no"ing, putting one or both hands over my mouth, clapping dorkily, and other things you never want to see a grown man do. One is The Office. The other is the new Doctor Who.

Tonight, the SciFi Channel showed both "The Christmas Invasion" and the proper second season premiere of Doctor Who. Two and a half hours of glorious, geeky Doctor Whoness. "The Christmas Invasion" was kind of meh, though -- aside from the wonderful "This planet is defended!" line -- and I started hating David Tennant for no reason other than the fact that he isn't Christopher Eccleston. The season premiere, on the other hand, was really good, so now I'm happy again and liking Tennant. Bits of it were hokey (the Face of Boe decides not to die yet because the Doctor showed him there were new things in the universe to see?), and ultimately it was just another Russell T. Davies zombie episode, but they managed to sell it somehow, through the writing or the acting or both. I also really liked the hints about Rose's crush on the Doctor - I think it humanizes both characters very well.

So, the second season is off to a nice start, though I think it'll take me a while to adjust to David Tennant after loving Eccleston so much in the role. Also, I'm really looking forward to the episode with Sarah Jane Smith and K9 in it! Yay K9!

Okay, that's enough geekiness for one night. Now it's back to being stoic and manly.

When Will YouTube Die Already?

I hate to be the one to break this to you, but it looks like no one else will. So I guess it's up to me to say it.

Nothing on YouTube is funny, or even interesting. Nothing.

Oh, maybe once there were videos of interest, but not anymore. Now it's just an elephant's graveyard of random, meaningless clips. As long as people keep uploading bits from "Everybody Loves Raymond" reruns that they really want to share with the world, it'll continue to be filled with videos only the uploader sees any value in, and even then only fleetingly. A lot of the time the clips are so out of context that they're meaningless to any viewer not already familiar with the source material, which makes sharing it all the more unnecessary.

And it's even less funny the millionth time. There's a difference between viral marketing and overexposure. I can't listen to "Stairway to Heaven" anymore because I've heard it too many times. It's the same with every damn YouTube video that you and the rest of the world link to. "Ha ha ha! A dancing Indian midget!" Whatever. My life hasn't been improved because you linked to a YouTube video on your LJ, nor would it have been lessened without it. In fact, all you've done is taken up bandwidth and eaten into my browser's memory capacity with your giant Flash image link.

I don't even click on the YouTube links anymore. Why bother? I'm not going to find it funny or interesting. I can assure you 9 out of 10 people will also not find it funny or interesting. In fact, the only people who like that YouTube video you're about to post on your LJ are you and the 300-pound, mouth-breathing basement dweller who left dusty orange Doritos prints on his keyboard when he uploaded it.

I didn't want to have to be the one to tell you, but YouTube is lame and annoying, and the whole craze can't be over soon enough for me.