September 7th, 2006


Finders Keepers

Okay, I'm running out of phrases with keeper in them.

Tonight's book launch party for sarahlangan's debut novel The Keeper at Partners and Crime, one of the best specialty bookstores in New York City, was lots of fun. There was a huge crowd, which was great to see, and of course free wine and cheese.

Sarah read the prologue and then opened it up to a Q&A. She was her usual charming, witty self and had us all in stitches. I got to meet her agent again, who had a cool Borg-like earpiece for his cell phone, and I accidentally met her HarperCollins publicist by mistaking her for someone else.

I was thrilled for Sarah, and more than a little jealous. I hope when my first novel is published, the publisher will care about it as much as HarperCollins seems to care about hers.

In other news, when I got home there was a message from Cute Girl Down the Street informing me she had "an apartment full of girls" having some kind of sewing party, and they'd started upholstering her chairs but ran out of staples for the staplegun, and did I happen to have any. Unfortunately, it didn't turn into the Penthouse Forum letter I was hoping it would. All the girls were married and Cute Girl Down the Street really did just need some staples. Sigh.

92nd Street Oy

Those of you who live in the New York City area and are of the, shall we say, matzoh-eating persuasion have surely heard of the 92nd Street Y. Unlike other Ys around the country, this one is the Young Men's & Young Women's Hebrew Association. As far as I know, it's the only Jewish Y.

And like all Jewish cultural institutions, everything they do - be it art classes or political lectures - is actually a front for matchmaking. According to their latest catalog, which was stuffed inside my newspaper this morning, this is what's happening Wednesday, October 4:

"8 PM, Lecture, Susan Sarandon and Cindy Sheehan, followed by a post-event reception for singles"

Bolding is mine, but it might as well be theirs.