September 4th, 2006


Trapper Keeper

Today I ran into Brooklyn power couple sarahlangan and J.T. Petty on Court Street. They were heading into the Barnes & Noble to see if they had copies of Sarah's novel The Keeper, so I tagged along.

Unlike the Union Square B&N, this one had about a dozen copies on display in the main floor's "power tower" instead of tucked away upstairs in the Fiction section. Sarah grabbed a copy and took it up to the information desk. When she told the guy there that she wrote it and wanted to sign their copies, he actually opened it to the author photo in back to make sure she wasn't lying.

Do they really think people go into B&Ns and lie about who they are in order to randomly sign books? Having signed a fair number of books in my time, I can tell you that aside from the fleeting ego boost it's actually not fun work. Signing your name over and over again takes effort and concentration to make sure the signature remains as legible in the twentieth as it was in the first. Who would bother? Besides, it's not like they treat you like a king so much as roll their eyes and go fetch a Sharpie and the Signed By The Author stickers.

So, because Sarah and I were both taken aback by this, I decided to lighten the mood by declaring, "And I'm Robert Ludlum!" The guy at the information desk pointedly ignored me.

Anyway, if you're in Brooklyn and want a signed copy of The Keeper, you can get one now at the B&N on Court Street between State and Schermerhorn.

Er, Happy Labor Day

I completely forgot that it's Labor Day today. I had a bunch of errands I wanted to run, but everything's closed.

This is what happens when you work in retail. You often lose track of days of the week and most holidays are meaningless.

But if you've got the day off, enjoy!