August 24th, 2006


Does That Spam Come in a Can?

Wow, I just got my first spam LJ comment! It was a gibberish string of words, much like the similar spam emails (though less amusingly literary), with an embedded link to something called Party Poker News Online.

Now I'm thinking of doing the same thing on other people's journals. I could comment with a scathing rebuttal to nihilistic_kid's Clarkesworld Magazine rejection, even though he hasn't sent me one, and embed a link to a gay foot play site. Or maybe congratulate scott_lynch on the latest good news about his novel while linking to a site selling Italian floor tiles. Another crazy conspiracy theory from douglain? It's the perfect opportunity to school him in the physics of demolition while linking to holistic dog food products!

I think I'm onto something here. This could really catch on.