July 21st, 2006


Fun With Rammstein and Babelfish

If you're like me, you've always wondered just what the heck "Du Hast" was about. Now we can finally answer this mystery through the magic of Babelfish:

you have
you have me
you have me asked
you have me asked
and I nothing said

you want to death
you separate it to be faithful for all day


you want up to death
separate it love also in bad to meet


rosefox defined Rammstein as German Industrial Emo, and it seems she may be right. If there's one unifying sentiment in the Emo subgenre, it can be most accurately summed up by Rammstein's own "separate it love also in bad to meet." I can't count the number of post-"Du Hast" songs I've heard that echo this profound sentiment, which leads me to believe Rammstein may in fact have created Emo.

Unfortunately, Emo makes me want to death, so it's probably best to keep Rammstein in German, where they can sound more intimidating and metal and less like girly-men who want to separate it to be faithful for all day.


Very intense lightning during the storm in Brooklyn today. Every few seconds, the whole sky would light up like we were on a movie set, and then, almost instantly afterward, KA-POW! The lightning strikes were that close, and the thunder was loud enough to set off car alarms. Big lightning also makes me exclaim "Whoa!" like I'm Keanu Reeves watching Lawrence Fishburne jump from one skyscraper to the next. And every once in a while it wasn't the whole sky lighting up, it was a clearly visible bolt crackling brightly down from the sky. And then, KA-POW! "Whoa!"

It was raining like crazy, too. There was a flood along Smith Street three minutes after the storm started. I called rosefox to tell her about it, since she loves the rain, but I only got her voicemail. I'm sure I left a message that sounded something like, "Blah blah blah... (ka-pow)...Whoa!"

The whole summer has pretty much been like this, one storm after another, but this one was the most intense so far. It blew out the cable in my neighborhood, which meant I had no internet access when I got back from work, since I'm on a cable modem. That all seems to be taken care of now.