July 10th, 2006


Why Does Necon Keep Doing This to Me?

Necon 26 Programming


9:00 a.m. THE NICK KAUFMANN MEMORIAL “WHY DO WE HAVE TO HAVE A PANEL THIS EARLY?” PANEL or THE HORROR STARS OF TOMORROW. Moderated as usual by Nick Kaufmann. This year’s topic: Novels vs. Short stories — what’s the best place to start? Bev Vincent, L.L. Soares, Lucy Snyder, Gary Frank, Sarah Langan. EVERYBODY WHO ATTENDS THIS PANEL WILL RECEIVE A VALUABLE PRIZE!

As you can see, it's becoming a tradition to make me wake up really early on Saturday mornings at Necon. This is almost as crazy as the time they put Dallas Mayr on a panel before noon. Unfortunately, I'm moderating this time, which means I can't just sit there with my sunglasses and Keg o' Java (tm) and grunt occasionally into the microphone. Also, I don't know what the valuable prize is, but I'm hoping it's a bottomless cup of Dunkin Donuts coffee.

Chris Golden assures that this was not his idea (which means Craig Shaw Gardner is the culprit and should expect vegeance...soon), but Chris will still suffer my wrath because he thinks it's really funny. I wonder how funny he'll think it is when I relocate the panel to his room at 9:01.

Ah well, at least fellow LJers bev_vincent, las and sarahlangan will share in the suffering.

But don't think you've escaped anything by missing Necon this year, suricattus! There's always next year, and they do accept suggestions for panels!