July 2nd, 2006


Coming Soon from Anchor Bay, Again...

This has got to be the sixth or seventh edition of this movie Anchor Bay has released. They just can't help themselves. It's an obsessive compulsion with them, like flipping the light switch an exact number of times or constantly checking to make sure the oven isn't on. They simply must release a new edition of either Halloween or Army of Darkness every few years or something terrible will happen, they just know it will. It's gotten to the point where I saw the ad for Halloween: 25 Years of Terror and laughed out loud in the way that people who type "LOL" never actually do.

But the really funny part? According to the ad copy, it's a two-disc set with tons of documentaries and galleries and what appear to be filmed panel discussions from conventions, but disc one features the movie itself - in full frame.

Which means there's going to be yet another edition soon which will be exactly the same but with a widescreen feature presentation.