June 25th, 2006


How Can It Be Fun Day Sunday Without Mozzarepa?

laurie_daniels came all the way to Brooklyn today to experience the grandeur and majesty that is Fun Day Sunday, Smith Street's annual summer street fair. Except the weather sucked and a lot of vendors didn't bother showing up, so it was less Fun Day Sunday and more Annoying Drizzle Day Sunday. Plus, there wasn't a single mozzarepa vendor to be found, and now laurie_daniels is convinced it's something I made up.

Still, it was a lot of fun. I got to show her Video Free Brooklyn, Rocketship and many of the other fabulous sites in my neighborhood, and she got to meet my friends Mary, Sabrina, Mark, Dalila, sarahlangan and J.T. Plus, with Video Free Brooklyn customers saying hello to me every two steps, I think she finally understands that I'm not joking when I call myself the Mayor of Smith Street.

I'd been psyching myself up for months about mozzarepa, though, and then...pfffft...nothing. I was pretty close to throwing a loud, stampy tantrum in the middle of the fair so that someone would make one for me just to shut me up. But that would be unbecoming for the Mayor of Smith Street, so I settled for some Italian sausage instead.