June 23rd, 2006


Spider-Man 3 Update

Shockingly, Kirsten Dunst never came by the store to make out with me (someone's not getting a Christmas card this year!). In fact, I didn't see much of anything going on yesterday except long rows of orange traffic cones and a new, fake marquee for the Cobble Hill Cinema on Court Street (redubbed Stuyvesant Cinema for the movie, and showing films with such titles as "Grand Opening" and "Tonight"). There was one unconfirmed Kirsten Dunst sighting. Apparently she was spotted walking on Smith Street looking, according to my informant, "like a real Carroll Gardens mom," ubiquitous yoga mat, hair bun and all. Then my informant added, "She's like this," and held up her pinky, which is too bad because Kirsten Dunst used to have curves and some meat on her bones. There was no sign of Tobey Maguire. All I saw was the food services table -- which I thought about bluffing my way into so I could take a hot dog or something, the same way everyone in the world thinks about it when they see a food services table -- and a bunch of trailers with indecipherable initials on the doors.

I think the reason I didn't see anything is because they did all their shooting last night instead of during the day, and probably only on Court Street where they altered the movie theater (one sign posted nearby said "chase scene"!). I would have loved to go and watch with the rest of my neighborhood, but last night was the only time I had left to get any writing done this week.

And of course Monday starts two more weeks of scheduling hell. It won't be as intense as last time because this time I'll get Sundays off, so I'll at least have something resembling a weekend. Sort of.

And then it'll be July and I will realize exactly how little writing I've gotten done since returning from World Horror in mid-May, and I will weep.