June 20th, 2006


ChiZining No More

With much sadness, I have decided to resign my post as ChiZine's copy editor/proofreader. I just don't have the free time anymore that I used to. There have been a number of ChiZine issues recently that I just wasn't able to get to, and before I let that go on any longer I decided I should let them find someone else. I proofed one last batch of stories for them last night (check out "Keybones" in the next issue -- it's a doozy!) and then reluctantly turned in my keys to the ChiZine Copter and the ChiZine Stretch Limo of Darkness.

I really loved being on the ChiZine team. There are so many great people involved, some who have been around from the start and some who just joined recently, that I felt like one of the cool kids just being a part of it. Plus, I've been with them since 2000, immediately following my very first Necon, where I met Brett Savory. We hit it off, he hired me on, and then we spent about a week going back and forth on whether copy editor is one word or two (turns out it's two, while the verb copyedit is one). Six years later, though, I find myself with far more limited time, and so I had to say goodbye.

ChiZine continues to be one of the best fiction, poetry and review webzines out there, and it's amazing to think they're about to celebrate their 10th anniversary. You can bet I'll still be reading every issue, and probably sending Brett emails about errant commas and misspellings. For which he'll kick my ass.

But that's okay. I can still kick Brett's ass at horseshoes.