June 14th, 2006


More Doctor Who Dorkiness (Now with Awkward Attempts to Be Spoiler Free)

The season finale of the new Doctor Who, "The Parting of Ways", was outstanding. It brought to the forefront a lot of the emotions behind the characters -- and what a relief it is that they've finally given the Doctor some emotions. The last time he seemed at all sad was when Adric died in "Earthshock", and even then he was kind of ehhhh about the whole thing, stuffing his hands in his cricket-pants pockets and admonishing Tegan and Nyssa for asking him to go back in time and save the boy. Not that they seemed terribly sad either. If the new series excels in any one way (and I believe it excels in many), it's that they give the characters realistic emotions and, in the case of Rose, a life outside her adventures with the Doctor.

Speaking of which, it's always nice to see Mickey again, and Rose's mom too. Poor Mickey. He deserves someone who'll stick around, but at the same time, who can blame him for loving Rose? I hear he's back in the second season playing a more prominent role, which makes me happy.

Also, the speech the Doctor gives during the cliffhanger in the episode before the finale? Best speech in DW history, knocking William Hartnell's Doctor's farewell speech to his granddaughter from the top spot. It was rousing, emotional, angry, loving, heart-stopping, blood-pumping. It was everything you always knew the Doctor could say, would say, but never did, mostly because the writing has never been this good before.

On the nitpicky side, I think the Anne-Droid, modeled after Anne Robinson of The Weakest Link, was silly to the point of annoying (though it turned out to be a pretty good weapon against the invading armies in a very funny scene), and I wish there'd been a better explanation for the Bad Wolf phenomenon (if that was indeed the explanation). It didn't quite make sense that the party responsible would use her cosmic powers to leave the Bad Wolf messages for herself throughout time and space because the words really had no meaning to her. She'd never used them to describe anyone or anything, it wasn't a pet name, they were just random words that felt disconnected to her as a character. I'm hoping there's another, better explanation coming down the pipeline soon. And in true fanboy fashion, I'm hoping it involves the Master, the Doctor's old Time Lord archenemy, who really is a bad wolf. (Or, when we last left him in the episode "Survival", a bad kitty.)

And that last scene with Rose and the Doctor -- hoo boy. Best scene of that nature in the history of the show, hands down. Even Tom Baker's Doctor falling off that radio tower didn't pack as much emotional oomph.

I can't wait to see the new season, despite the fact that Christopher Eccleston, my second favorite actor in the role, has given it up. The season has already started in the U.K., and I hope it'll premiere in the States as soon as possible. Which would be tomorrow. Do it, SciFi Channel! Bend to my will!


In less dorky news, last night was the Stoker Goody Bag Stuffing Party. leethomas and Jane Osnovich came over to Chez Kaufmann to help me stuff books into bags and pizza into our mouths. The bags are, quite literally, bursting at the seams with the sheer amount of books inside. I wasn't kidding when I advised attendees to bring an extra suitcase.

Looking forward to seeing some of you this weekend at the Stoker Awards!