May 17th, 2006


WHC: On the Waterfront

This is me and leethomas at San Francisco's Fisherman's Wharf Saturday afternoon. Lee, his partner John and I took off from World Horror for lunch and window shopping on Pier 39. (John is behind the camera.)

I look like a mess, as if one of the sea lions that live along the pier accidentally stumbled onto the walkway and stood in confused bewilderment next to a human -- after two nights of hard partying, there wasn't enough coffee in the world that morning -- but Lee looks as dashing as ever. Just over my right shoulder (your left) is Alcatraz, still floating out there in the middle of the bay like a ghost. From the pier, it almost looks like a movie miniature, a model someone made to be blown up in a Michael Bay film. Which it was, now that I think of it.

Many thanks to Lee and John for the picture, and for lunch on the pier!

The Return of the TV Nerd

According to, there's some good news coming out of the insane story that is the new CW Network (the lovechild of failing networks the WB and UPN):

The WB's Supernatural and Smallville will get new seasons on the new CW network this fall, which will combine The WB with UPN, according to The Hollywood Reporter. It will be the second season for Supernatural, starring Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki as two brothers who hunt supernatural bad guys.

Smallville, starring Tom Welling as the young Clark Kent/Superman, begins its sixth season in the fall.

I don't watch Supernatural, but I'm relieved to hear Smallville made the cut. You can't leave us hanging with Clark trapped in the Phantom Zone and Lex's possibly dead body possessed by Zod, you know? I need closure. Smallville has come such a long way since it's freak-of-the-week-stalking-Lana beginnings that it's the new Buffy for me, though admittedly this past season was a bit weak. They could have done a lot more with Professor Fine/Brainiac, especially with James Marsters in the role. And if you're going to do a Halloween episode that pokes fun at Buffy, for the love of God, why wouldn't you make use of the guy who played Spike if he's already on your show? Why waste that golden opportunity?

But the return of Smallville isn't the only good news in the article.

UPN's cult favorite series Veronica Mars is also expected to make the new CW lineup, getting a renewal for a third season.

Hooray! Now maybe there's a chance for that Veronica-Weevil hookup I've been waiting for.