April 25th, 2006

Godzilla Breath

It's Not Like It's a Collector's Item, People!

My short story collection, Walk in Shadows, appears to be going for between $27.28 and $57.33 on half.com. Sure, it's out of print, but that's still kind of ridiculous for a $15 collection of horror and suspense stories by a nobody that was published as one of Prime Books' lesser POD titles. And speaking of POD, where are these copies coming from? It's not like it sold that much or landed on the shelves of very many (if any) bookstores, and lord knows you can't pry review copies out of Prime's fingers with the world's heftiest crowbar.

Anyway, $57.33 is way too much. If you want a copy for yourself, I'll be happy to sell you one personally -- and never for more than the original retail price.

Chizine Chigoodness

In case you haven't heard already, Michael Marano and Hannah Wolf Bowen (buymeaclue) are both stepping into the oversized editorial shoes of departing Chizine slushmeister Mike Kelly (lonesome_crow), who was effortlessly doing the work of two puny humans. Mike #2 and Hannah join M. Thomas (anaparenna) as Chizine's new Royal Triumverate of Rejectomancy and Acquisitionizing. Please join me in wishing them well when the insane fall slush season begins.