April 11th, 2006


But When Will We Be Allowed To Forget About "K9 & Company"?

From an article about the second season of the new Doctor Who:

And in episode three, "School Reunion," fans will see the return of Sarah Jane Smith and K-9, characters from previous incarnations of the show.

Shut up! I'm not crying, I'm dicing onions. Really. You don't think I'm so much of a Doctor Who geek that I'd actually tear up with joy at the idea of a Doctor-Sarah Jane-K9 reunion, do you?
Godzilla Breath

Being A Writer Can Drive You Crazy

While reading a horror anthology over lunch today, I came to the conclusion that no story that contains the sentence

Tracy lay beneath him, grunting as he jammed his cock into her mommy box.

should ever be bought, paid for, or published. Ever.

Of course, this is the same story where a character's name inexplicably changes halfway through from Glen to David. Apparently no one managed to catch that before the book went to press - not the author, not the editors, not a proofreader. For shame.