April 7th, 2006


This Is Your Life

In response to horrorofitall asking writers to stop writing in the first person because he read some books he didn't like and blamed it on the tense instead of the fact that the books probably just sucked, this post will be written in the second person.

Last night you went to Stefan Petrucha, suricattus and Rick Riordan's book signing at Books of Wonder, a charming little bookstore in Manhattan devoted to children's and YA lit, where you met up with leethomas, K.Z. Perry, sarahlangan, her friend John, and J.T. Petty. You really liked Books of Wonder and hope to one day have your own signing there, though you have to admit part of your reasoning is that the woman in charge of the signing was really cute. You bought copies of Stefan's first two Timetripper books and are looking forward to seeing how they progressed from the version you saw in crit group to the final edit. However, you're determined to return to the Straubathon, so it may be a while.

Afterward, you had a fun dinner (fish and chips!) at the Heartland Brewery with most of the aforementioned peeps and got to meet bgliterary, an agent who specializes in YA fiction and reps authors like blackholly. Barry's awesome, very funny and very smart. Riding the subway back to Brooklyn together, you discovered he loves M.T. Anderson's novels, which makes you like him all the more because you love M.T. Anderson too and would kill to be able to write like him.

You'll be sending Barry your proposal for Absent soon, because for some reason you think it's okay to keep mentioning the book over dinner anytime you're out with someone who's a YA agent or editor. With your luck, the same thing will happen that always happens: Barry will love it but decide he's quitting the business and can't help you.

Also, you're really liking the new Lacuna Coil disc, Karmacode. It's a bit heavier than Comalies, and you like that. You also recognize a number of the songs from the concert a few weeks ago. You still wish you had long hair so you can headbang properly.

There, you hope horrorofitall is happy.