March 29th, 2006



I went with leethomas and screenwriter Mark Condon to the Rob Zombie concert last night at the Nokia Theater in Times Square. First, let me say that the Nokia is easily the best concert venue I've ever been to. Clean, modern, multiple bars with waiters moving through the crowds, big bathrooms and a great sound system. They have both a standing-only pit up front and movie theater-style seats in the back where you can just sit and drink through the whole show. Since I'm a mere three years from 40, you can guess where I was situated.

The first opening band was Bullet for My Valentine. They were okay, but nothing special. Pretty generic thrash metal that left me unimpressed.

The second opening band was Lacuna Coil, and they blew the roof off the place. A great goth metal sound that reminded me of a harder, heavier Evanescence, particularly since Lacuna Coil has both male and female lead singers. There was much synchronized headbanging, too. Gotta love that. I'll definitely be checking out their CDs.

Then finally Rob Zombie hit the stage, and the crowd, which had been notably sedate through the opening acts, went berserk. I could see wild waves of hair appearing and disappearing in the crowd up front as the headbanging commenced. Zombie did a lot of older material from his first two solo albums and White Zombie days, as well as a small handful of songs from the new album, which sounded great. I'll be picking that up as well.

It was a pleasant surprise that Mark, Lee and I were not the oldest fans there -- that would be the middle-aged guy in the suit and tie who looked like he came right from his Wall Street office -- but we definitely didn't have enough hair, piercings or tats for that crowd. Then again, I doubt the guy in the suit did either, but you never know.