March 23rd, 2006

Godzilla Breath

The TV Nerd Is Angry

Dear ABC:

Not everyone is home every night. Often we have to set our VCRs (or TiVos, if you're a Jetson) to tape the shows we want to watch. Take me, for example. I work Wednesday nights until 10 PM. I have to tape Lost if I want to see it (which I have to admit is a good thing anyway, since it allows me to fast forward through the 40 minutes of commercials to better watch the 20 minutes of actual content). I also have to tape South Park right after because I won't be home in time.

So please stop making Lost end at 10:01 or later. My cable switches channels at 10 to tape South Park, which means I miss the last minute or so of Lost. You know, the cliffhanger. The best part of each episode. I don't want to see the hatch captive start talking all sneaky over Dharma cereal and then suddenly switch over to the last seconds of The Mind of Mencia. Who gives a rat's about The Mind of Mencia? I'd rather see the end of Lost and still be able to catch the beginning of South Park.

Please, ABC. Stop being assholes. Make Lost end on time.



Dear Comedy Central:

South Park didn't even start on time anyway. You're assholes too.


P.S. Mind of Mencia is no Chappelle's Show. I just thought someone needed to tell you that.