March 18th, 2006


Doctor Who

I was in geek heaven watching the new Doctor Who on SciFi tonight. GEEK HEAVEN!

The Autons! The fucking Autons! We haven't seen them since 1971! I really liked that the episode follows Rose from the start and she meets the Doctor while he's already in the middle of an adventure. And speaking of Rose, I'd say she's the first companion since Sarah Jane that seems to have actual chemistry with the Doctor. She seems truly charmed by him, and he by her. And big geek love for the minor character who started his own Doctor Who website trying to figure out why this same person appears throughout history every time there's a disaster. I loved that he thought the Doctor was some kind of mystical herald of impending doom. It was simultaneously a nice nod to the Doctor's past, since he always seemed to be there to stop something bad from happening, and pretty accurate in the way someone might develop a loony conspiracy theory. I just wish they'd thought to keep him around as a recurring character. And the line "I'm the Doctor. Run for you life!" deserves to be on a t-shirt.

The second episode was kind of meh. It was basically a remake of the 1977 episode The Robots of Death, but it still had its moments. The bit about the "iPod" was hilarious, as was the "Tainted Love" scene and the line about the bill for Rose's phone call to five billion years in the past. The last remaining human's fascination with flatness was brill, and I loved when that weird tree lady asked if Rose was the Doctor's prostitute. I have to admit I thought the guys in the black robes were going to turn out to be Cybermen, and I was slightly disappointed in that way only continuity geeks get disappointed when it turned out they weren't. Also, Gallifrey is gone? There are no other Time Lords left? Whaaaa? (Though technically that may not be true if Romana is still in E-Space, but I suppose it means Leela is toast, since she was living on Gallifrey last time we saw her. Dude, don't look at me like that. I'm just good at remembering these things, okay?) Great moment at the end of the episode, too. When the Doctor asks Rose if she wants to just go home now that she's seen how dangerous it can be to tag along with him, she says what every one of his previous companions should have said when they were given the same choice: "I don't know."

I'm loving the new Doctor Who. This is beyond my regular TV nerddom. This is wholesale geekery at its most unleashed.