March 8th, 2006


Cemetery Dance #54

Looks like my story "Toad Lily" is finally going to make its appearance in Cemetery Dance #54. No idea when it's hitting the stands, though. I figure it's soon, if they've already got the preorder page up. If you click that link, you'll see Stacy Drum's "moon's gonna getcha" cover art and the names of others I'll be sharing the issue with (Neil Gaiman! Tim Waggoner! Kealan Patrick Burke!).

Also, after waiting two years for them to get around to publishing "Toad Lily", they spelled the title wrong (two Ls in lily?) and gave me the wrong byline (friends call me Nick, I publish under Nicholas - oh, and Kaufmann has two Ns on the end). Woooooooo!

Here's hoping that's just on the website and not in the magazine too.

Update 1: I sent them an email asking for a fix on the site, which should happen soon. It seems the issue is already at the printers, but they're pretty sure everything's kosher in there.

Update 2: The info on the CD website has been fixed! All hail Brian Freeman, who is quick like a rabbit!

Update 3: Oops, it looks like the spelling errors did make it into the magazine. It's not that big a deal really, and they were very, very nice about it, promising to issue a correction in CD #55's editorial. Class acts, all around.