March 5th, 2006


2 Years

Today marks two full years that I've been on LJ. A lot has changed in the LJverse. I've stopped reading some people's journals (never a personal thing, I just do that when I realize I've been barely skimming their journals for months), started reading new ones (my friends list is in an almost constant state of flux). Some of the people from my original friends list left; a few eventually came back, others didn't. Some of them died. A lot of my outside-world friends joined LJ too, and even my brother joined. Some of the people on my friends list aren't talking to each other anymore (though they're still talking about each other). Some Very Important People started reading my journal anonymously, which really surprised me when I found out.

Two years. Amazing. I first came to LJ to read nihilistic_kid's journal, then decided maybe I should get a free account in order to better leave comments, then figured if I was going to have an account I might as well use it properly. The rest, as they say, is pure shite.

Here's a link to my very first LJ post.