February 21st, 2006


Send Prezzies!

It is now officially my birthday! I am thirty-seven years old! Woohoo! *sits in electric scooter, rolls to cupboard, puts on party hat*

Had dinner with the mother unit tonight. In one of her overstuffed closets she found my old Certificate of Merit honoring me as a recipient of a New York State Regents Scholarship from back in 1987. (Signed by Roy M. Goodman, New York State Senator, 26th District!) As I remember, you could get this particular scholarship just for spelling your name right on the SATs. They gave you something like $200 a year to help with tuition, which was a ridiculously unhelpful amount even back then.

While my mom was in the bathroom, I decided to check out what other goodies might be in that closet. There, under dusty copies of Walk In Shadows, Bell, Book & Beyond, The Best of Horrorfind, Poddities and City Slab was an old typewritten story of mine I had no idea she'd squirreled away. It was a Lovecraft ripoff written back in '88 or '89, before I'd even read much Lovecraft at all, called "The Cult of Pazuzu." It's as dreadful as it sounds. I left it there in an act of defiance, but now I wish I'd taken it with me so I could reprint some of the awful prose here for your reading pleasure. Maybe next time.

Anyway, spimby, nihilistic_kid, I hope your birthdays were grand yesterday!

Where the Hell Did You Come Up With THAT Title?

There's a peculiar, writerly meme going around today. I saw it on both kradical and jaylake's journals, and I imagine I'll be seeing it on even more before the week is out. This is what I get for having a friends-list filled with writers.

Anyway, here's the meme:

Ask me about anything I've written, and I'll tell you the genesis of its title.

This should be an interesting one, given A) most of you probably don't know my titles, and B) my titles aren't that interesting anyway. I don't give my stories names like "The Englishman Who Almost Ate God" or "Exploring Gary Coleman in Questionnaire Answers". My titles are kind of short and usually are a word or phrase from the story itself, so they tend to be self-explained. But still, this could be fun too. So, ask away!

More Prezzies!

Today, using the B&N gift certificate I got for my birthday, I bought myself Nancy Holder & Nancy Kilpatrick's Outsiders anthology and P.D. Cacek's comic novel of vampire strippers, Night Prayers. Yay!

I had $1.22 left over after the sale, but they don't give you change, they just leave it on the gift card. So now I have a B&N gift card with $1.22 on it. Joy. I don't think that's even enough to buy a cup of coffee in their café.

Oh, and the signed contract and paycheck for my chapter in the Writers Digest book On Writing Horror was waiting for me when I got home. Double yay!