February 16th, 2006


Extra! Extra! Doug Lain Rocks the KGB!

Last night, I finally got to meet douglain in person at the Fantastic Fiction reading series at KGB Bar. He looks exactly like his userpic, only not in black-and-white. He did a great job reading, too. He wasn't nervous at all, not even when he played the old switcheroo and started reading from Goodnight, Moon instead of Last Week's Apocalypse. Then the ghost of jlassen appeared and smacked Doug on the head until he finally read bits of the story "Shopping at the End of the World" from the Night Shade Books collection he was there to promote. Doug's pretty awesome in person. He's going to try to make it to my third annual thirty-fifth birthday party this Saturday, since he'll still be in NYC (he even had me write the subway directions on the inside cover of his reading copy of Last Week's Apocalypse). You should come too, so you can meet him.

James Patrick Kelly, who's like the nicest person I've ever met and wore a suit and tie that made Doug look slobby in his black sweater, read second. He opened with some funny stories about Thoreau and Walden, then read the opening chapter from his novella Burn. It was interesting, but Jim's brand of hard science fiction isn't really my bag.

I got to meet timalyne briefly. She seems nice, and she came all the way from Vermont, which is real dedication. Other people should have come from Vermont too, but I guess they don't love the genre the way timalyne does. We will all remember this.

I also spoke briefly with a cute woman at the bar, but I didn't get her name. She had gigantic, 1970s-style earphones attached to her iPod.

I spent most of the reading sitting with ktempest and talented web comic writer/artist meritahut, who seemed interested in my aging porn stars meet Egyptian gods erotica story "Comeback" because she's into all things Egyptian. (That's probably not a work safe link, by the way.) I'm hoping they'll come to my birthday party too.

At dinner afterward, I was separated from Doug, timalyne and meritahut, and sat at a second table with ktempest and some other folks, all of whom were fine dinner companions for our Chinese feast. However, this did mean I wasn't able to throw great handfuls of sticky rice at Doug, which had been my plan all along. One of these days, Ellen is going to need to find a post-KGB restaurant that can fit fifteen people at one table!