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International Bon Vivant and Raconteur

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February 5th, 2006

R.I.P. "Grandpa" Al Lewis [Feb. 5th, 2006|02:41 pm]
International Bon Vivant and Raconteur

It's hard to believe this is the same guy who worked for the Sacco and Vanzetti defense committee in the 1920s, worked to free the Scottsboro Nine in the 1930s, agitated against the Rockefeller drug laws and the privatization of health care, and ran for Governor of New York on the Green Party ticket in 1998 against incumbent George Pataki. He only got 1% of the vote, but he always swore that he would've placed much better if they would've allowed him to appear on the ballot as "Grandpa" Al Lewis instead of just Al Lewis.
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