February 3rd, 2006


The TV Nerd is Disgusted

The blatant product placement for Acuvue contact lenses on Smallville last night was disgusting. I can stomach the "Tonight's episode of Smallville included music by..." at the end of each episode (though even that annoys me), but what I refuse to stomach is a character actually saying, "Acuvue to the rescue," while another character opens the lovingly photographed Acuvue box and puts the lenses on her eyes. It was ridiculous and added nothing to the story. This isn't the first time they've done it. Pete, the one black character on the show, who's now gone, burned a mixed CD for a party that was -- quelle surprise! -- remarkably similar to the Smallville soundtrack CD that had just come out. But this is the first time it was such an incredibly blatant display of an advertiser buying airtime in the show itself that it was like being slapped in the face with one of those pennysaver circulars I'm always finding on my doorstep.

Watch this space for a similar post later this year, when a novel-writing character will be introduced on Lost just in time for the novel he "wrote" to appear in bookstores.