January 18th, 2006


Post an Album Cover Meme

gadarene made up her own meme, and it's taking off like hot cakes! Hooray for gadarene! Now we can all look forward to this same meme coming back around in six months and forgetting who invented it so that when gadarene says it was her we'll all scoff and laugh and twirl our fingers by our ears while we whisper, "Cray-zeeeee."

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More HWA Stuff

A little while ago I posted about my annual internal debate about whether to renew my HWA membership. I received nearly 100 comments on the subject, ranging from "HWA is an unsavable train wreck" to "Please don't go, we need more people like you." Neither of those extremes is right, of course. HWA is hardly a lost cause, there are just a lot of changes that need to be made to make it a more effective organization, changes they're often too frightened to make. Similarly, HWA will sink or swim regardless of whether I'm there, since I'm not a voting member or a part of the administration anymore.

So it may surprise you to hear I've decided to renew my membership. I'm not sure I can quote my reasons, since I'm not sure I actually have reasons. My previously stated concerns about the organization remain, but this will also be a year of strong and important transition, especially when September rolls around and the grandfathering deadline passes. I want to be there to see what happens from the inside. Should the deadline be done away with altogether, or should the membership change take place but the organization remain too frightened to do anything serious, then I suppose that's when I can let the door hit me on the way out. But after ten years as a member, I think I'm too excited about the possibility of some much-needed changes to leave now.

So, cinriter, you can expect my dues check in the mail next week!