January 15th, 2006


The Curse of the White Elephant

Last night was the dreaded White Elephant party with my friends. For those not in the know, a White Elephant party is where everyone brings one awful, tacky, useless present they got for Chrismukkah, re-wrapped, and then one-by-one everyone picks one out of the pile grab-bag style. You then have a chance to keep whatever horrible gift you chose or swap it for something someone got who picked before you. The person you swap with has no choice in the matter, which is why it's also called stealing.

So I wound up with a boring, lame travel puzzle with little numbered tiles that you're supposed to jumble up and then try to put back in order, or whatever. It's called a "Bored? Game" just for extra stupidness. Anyway, when it was my turn to swap, I stole an awesome Spider-Man flashlight from twisterella. Well, maybe not awesome, since it was basically just a cheap red flashlight with a plastic Spider-Man glued to the side, but it was a thousand times better than the "Bored? Game". Unfortunately, her turn to swap came after mine, and she stole the flashlight back, leaving me once again, and for all eternity, with that fucking travel puzzle. KILL!

Though once the party was over, the stupid little game "accidentally" didn't make it home with me.

Oh, and the absolute tackiest present of the night was a bouquet of fake roses in a mirrored box that someone's ex-boyfriend gave her for Valentine's Day years ago. After seeing it, I can understand why they broke up.