January 13th, 2006



First seen on kradical's journal, and now confirmed by Sci Fi Wire:

The BBC's 2005 season of Doctor Who is finally coming to the States! The SCI FI Channel (that's how they want you to write their name, "sci fi" all in caps for some reason) will be airing all 13 of the Christopher Eccleston episodes Friday nights starting in March.

I'm way, way excited. I can trace my love of Doctor Who back to the days when Channel 21, WLIW, a local public TV station broadcasting out of Long Island, showed Doctor Who "movies" (episode arcs edited together into one long TARDIS-fest that ranged from 90 minutes to two-and-a-half hours, depending) every Saturday night. I can still remember the endless pledge drives, where words like "Whovians" were thrown around and the phones were manned by scarf-wearing members of the Prydonians of Princeton. (God, the '80s rocked!) So, as you can imagine, this news touches the kid in me that stayed home most Saturday nights to watch old man William Hartnell flub his lines like a drunkard, or Patrick Troughton run around in an oversized fur coat with his Scottish kilt-wearing boytoy Jamie, or Jon Pertwee argue with the Brigadier about bombing the Silurians, or Tom Baker fight giant robots, or Peter Davison tussle with that other guy who played the Master but wasn't as good as the original, or Colin Baker... Well, let's not talk about anyone after Peter Davison.

Except Christopher Eccleston. I can't wait. The only bad news is that the DVD release of the 2005 season has been delayed until July so the SCI FI Channel can show it first, and I'd really rather just have the DVDs so I can devour the whole season at once.

Did I mention changing my name to TV Nerd yet? Because after this post, I think I may have to!