January 3rd, 2006


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Last night, I had my first actual date date in two years, since my first with Lena. It was a lot of fun -- dates usually are if you're not too self-conscious or shy -- and I think we got along well. We sat for a while at Winebar, which seems to be first-date central, and drank some fancy reds. Then it was off to Jimmy's, which is one of those great secret places in New York City that you need someone to tell you about or you'll never find. Both are highly recommended if you happen to find yourself on a date in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. By the end of the night, we were both more than a little tipsy and our bellies were full of good food, which is how it should always be. Plus, we made each other laugh a lot. It was good. (Though the cold, windy, rainy weather was not.)

A Lower Deep

I won a Hellnotes contest a while ago. I don't even remember what it was, but the award showed up today -- a copy of Tom Piccirilli's novel A Lower Deep. Now I can put it with all the other Piccirilli books I own but haven't read and probably won't get to until 2099. (Sometimes being a slow reader is a real drag.)

I'm also wondering if this is some kind of large print edition, because the pages are printed in font size twenty or something. Seriously, I've seen more lines of text per page on manuscripts than there are in this book.